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  • All strength to the sun.

  • When the inside and
    the outside blur the line,
    we call it life.

  • When spaces become landscapes

  • Time to breathe:
    pure luxury.


Architecture Multiple Residence: ELEMENTS has been awarded the International Property Award 2020/21 - a world-renowned mark of architectural excellence.



One could probably not live any better in Majorca. And exactly that is the reason why Puerto Portals has attracted a very special, style conscious and exclusive crowd of people for years. The town is only 12km south-west of Palma and probably has the most exclusive marina of the island.



Distinct forms and typical materials, inspired by the essence of the island, create both timeless and elegant architecture. This makes ELEMENTS a unique design-object, which unites the 4 elements earth, fire, water and air. Enjoy the expanse of the grounds and the elegant style.




Regardless from where you look out- bedroom or living area- the floor to ceiling windows of your apartment set the stage for the views just like a photo album. And they make it possible for you to bathe in light throughout your home. Cast your eyes on the lifestyle of the marina on one side and on the soothing green of the mountains to the other side.




Try doing nothing at all. The concierge-service at ELEMENTS is always there for you. To care for you as the owner of an apartment we have chosen our partners carefully: gardeners, security personnel, diving- and sailing instructors, doctors….we have the best specialists of the island at our fingertips for every occasion. Feel cared for and enjoy the highest luxury there is: time.

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